Get involved

Get involved

Sponsor a child for education.


Make a lifelong difference!

By sponsoring a child in Students Aid Liberia, you are making a lifelong difference to the future of a child and their future families within this low-income country.

Through the Educational Sponsorship Programme we support children from pre-school right through to university.

If you decide child sponsorship is right for you, then we will assign a particular child to you. We will update you on their progress through school and send you reports, letters and artwork from the child

Leave a remembrance

Making or amending your will? Consider making a gift to Students Aid Liberia and help to change the lives of vulnerable street and Ebola victim children. It could be the most special gift you can ever give.

Remembrance brings a sense of peace. You know you have done something to help those much less fortunate. It is also a unique way for your loved ones to remember you.