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  • Global Service Award:


It is an award we give annually to individual for their volunteer service render within their respective  community or country in promoting peace, reconciliation, education, human right, gender equality, Virus  awareness and prevention(Aids, T.B, Ebola  etc) or  community service. Individual doing any of these things can be recommended by their Government, Non-profit organization, community leader or religious leader.
Our Vision:
Our vision is to have a world excellence service in volunteerism.

Our mission
Our mission is to build a courtesy of volunteer in recognizing their effort while motivating then to do more.

We seek for partnership and effective collaboration in carry on this award every year

                     February 1-April 15 2017_____Nomination

                     April 18-21 2017_____Vetting

                    April 22, 2017________Notification of Nominee

                     May 9, 2017_______Award Night

  • Student international Conference

             January 27-28 2017/ Available to all

  • Youth International Retreat

              March 28-29 2017/this year we are going to experience green forest

  • Girls education awareness

        February 16-18 2017

  • Children day

     December 15, 2016/ we are accepting children toys, books, cloths etc along

Download Application Form Here

SAL promotes youth initiative

Students aid Liberia launches appeal for more support toward their girls’ education scholarship initiative to send more girls to school.

SAL rescue five institutions with in Todee district as school begins for this academic year 2016-2017,

Yesterday speaking at the program in presenting the full package to the heads of the institutions, CEO George A. Washington said the package is intended to strengthen the very institutions. This package includes paints, teacher’s lodges, short term volunteer’s teachers, and instructional material. Furthermore he encourages students to take their lesson serious while preparing for the future now. Receiving the package on behalf of their institutions, Mr. Williams praised Mr. George A. Washington for his timely gesture after receiving the package with gratitude

The SAL promotes youth initiative

On Thursday September 12, the director of program train fifty youth and provided materials for them to carry on their community initiative within their respective community. The training covers community management, sanitation, community service technique and volunteer life. The program was grace by communities’ leaders along with the Ministry of Education. Thanks to our local partner Movement for Academic challenge for the recruitment process and also to everyone who contributed.

Children celebrate new life

Children celebrate new life  

Nearly after two (2) years, children that were victims of Ebola who parent fall prey to the disease were left uncared for and abandoned leaving them without hope.

On September 22-23, 2016 Students aid Liberia hosted two days events for children within paynesvilla city, about 110 hundred ten children attended the program and received school materials and clothes in other for them to feel  that they are part of society despite of life  condition as orphans. Speaking at the program students Aid Liberia, CEO George A. Washington  encourage the orphans to make used of it wisely as it is the organization little way of identifying with them, he also said that this may likely continues as he look  further  in seeking for donors and partner toward this initiative. Mr. Washington said he attends within the sooner possible time to increase the number of children on scholarship as soon as he receive donors or partner support.