Youth Dream

Youth Dream

Every youth have a dream to become great and have a prosper time of life, despite of life condition in a low-income country with about 85%of its population are unemployed most of which are consist of youth. Therefore in sustaining peace and preventing crime along with drugs abuse is one of our ultimate goals in realizing our youth dream.

Our  Youth dream Initiatives is a cross community youth working  group  which aims to reawaken hope, inspire initiative, and mobilize youth to make a vital contribution to their community and a nation as of whole,

Youth Dream Empower:

  • Young people to raise their voices on the issues that matter to them most.
  • To carry on community service initiative.
  • Youth capacity building through; Seminar, conference, retreat, vocational and technical education, self- reliance business and loan scheme.
  • Youth awareness on harmful drugs, diseases and virus control that includes, HIV, AIDS, Tuberculosis, Ebola and etc.
  • Youth extra activities that includes. Sport/soccer, culture exchange and recreation.

Drugs Abuse

Drug abuse is a major problem for many young people in Liberia, Students often run away to beach-side or unfinished houses in Liberia during school hour just to take illegal drugs that are damaging their future that could lead to the increase of crime when not corrected now or prevented.

Our focus points are:
Early preventing and alarm
Community training and ghetto reporting system
Student peer to peer watch

“Sound and Quality education is the road map for national development and growth” By George A. Washington, CEO. Students Aid Liberia